by Grinning Kings

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This type of love is an Atomic Bomb. That strange mix of vulnerability and power. That elephant in every room. The comparison holds the most weight as a subject of memory. Love and the bomb are turning points. Seared into our consciousness and immediately conjured in our mind's eye at a moment's notice. In this case, love is an event, not a feeling. Love is a factor to calculate into the mix of mundane. Bills, schedules, plans, alarms, notes, and love. The memory of love is a warning. One we can't ignore, but hardly know how to heed. I am the USA. I am Harry Truman. I am a Missouri haberdasher turned world leader. That's what stepping into love feels like. Stepping into the shoes of a dead FDR. The thrill and the fear. And this document--these songs-- this is what it feels like to look back and define. Removed from the details of context, across an ocean of time from the mushroom cloud on the horizon. Things get simpler. The finer details get lost and we are left with a more useful tool. A multipurpose tool. One to justify the contradictory impulses towards loneliness or recklessness or caution. One to fix up your bike and then use to break into your neighbor's house. One to justify any and all impulses. The cynic in me thinks along these lines. And something else in me, a divine and reaching voice, tells me that lessons have been learned. That any way you spin it, the world is a better place, I am a better man, for having looked back.


released May 23, 2013

Michael Brinley - Vocals, Guitar, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Mandolin
Andrew Perusi - Bass
Nevin James - Piano
Ethan Long - Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel
Aaron Burch - Drums

Produced by Aaron Burch and Michael Brinley
All songs written by Michael Brinley

Thematically following in the footsteps of John Hershey and Alain Resnais.



all rights reserved


Grinning Kings Santa Monica, California

Grinning Kings don't care that you know much about them. They would prefer you to accept a manufactured image, a well pedicured and lightly tossed 400 character version of a half truth. Inspiration is hints and whispers. Grinning Kings whisper in shouts and hint in parades. We need Grinning Kings to keep the world and our heads spinning. ... more

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